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IT Staffing

Provide tailored Recruitment and Talent advisory services for Australian Businesses.

We have developed a process which supports our commitment to introducing the right clients to the right IT experts:

Understand the client’s business, current and future needs

Get to know candidates, their skills, personality and career goals

Apply market knowledge to requirements and challenge decisions

Present a full brief to candidates detailing the client’s business and system need

Effectively deliver the right candidates and contractors to the right clients

Extensively pre-screen candidates to forward appropriate CVs, saving valuable time for everyone

Permanent Staffing Solutions

We at NASS IT make sure that the candidates have the right skills and required experience to achieve your goals right from the beginning. We adopt a need-based approach for recruiting permanent staffs, wherein your requirements and working culture are fully understood, and a strategy is made to hire the best fit candidate at the shortest time span.

Hiring a long-term employee is a matter of trust and at NASS IT we fully understand this. We ensure that the candidate recruited seamlessly integrates into your working environment reducing the time of induction and becoming productive.

Our Staffing Solution caters to organizations of all sizes and for all sectors. We believe in becoming a part of your business growth by providing the expertise to choose the right candidate. We have a good database and enough experience to drive your staffing requirements.

Contract Staffing

Contract staffing is best suited in situation where you need a skilled employee but only for a limited period, helping your organization to reduce long term liability and increase in productivity. NASS IT has the right experience with its well-trained consultants to fulfill your contract staffing requirements. We take care of their payroll and you take control of them to achieve your business objective.

NASS IT helps in providing contract resources for both small assignments and long-term projects. If your project demands an on-site or off-shore skilled IT professionals, NASS IT can fulfill your demands at the shortest time span. From Project Managers to Application Developers, Analysts, you name it and we have a solution for all of your requirements.

Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire is modelled on a flexible approach methodology. Taking an employee on permanent payroll brings with it many challenges like understanding the efficiency level of the employee, his or her loyalty to your organization and the ability to adapt to organization’s working culture. To overcome these challenges NASS IT has come-up with the Contract To Hire solution.

NASS IT analysis the needs of your organization and gets the right candidate on contract basis. The organization gets access to candidate’s skills before bringing them on payroll. The contract period helps the organizations to do all quality checks and bring the candidate on payroll at the right time. The candidate will be on our payroll during contract period. The organization has full control on them to the extent of whether to send them on offshore projects.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

NASS IT has developed high quality recruitment process outsourcing services. Our cost-effective RPO solutions come with enough flexibility to suit your organizations requirements, with a focus on candidate quality. We take care of your recruitment needs following all the end-to end recruitment processes right up to managing the candidate’s payroll and retention. We can also work closely with your in-house recruitment team.

NASS IT has an experience of working with diverse industries. Leverage this vast experience by helping us plan your recruitment process, perfectly aligned to your business goals.

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