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Document Management

Documents are one of the key aspects of any major organisation. The document management lifecycle begins when a document is generated and evolves through to point where is archived or destroyed.  Each phase of document lifecycle, if managed well, can attribute to great customer experience, assist with multiple compliance and regulatory issues and help in reducing costs for any organisation. In the current environment, digitisation of documents has become a necessity for every organisation.

How can we help?

NASS IT has assisted its clients in achieving target state architecture for document digitisation through various products and cloud-based capabilities. Whilst each phase in document lifecycle is huge in itself, we have expertise that spans across all phases:

Selecting and setting up document generation platforms

Template authoring

Physical as well as Digital distribution of documents

Integration with electronic signature providers

Scanning and extracting information from documents using OCR

Archiving documents with right indexes

Retrieval of documents

Our team has worked across multiple products in each of the phases making us flexible in adapting to your existing product set, if required.

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